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Breaking Immigration News

Obama Administration in Trouble Over Arizona Law Suit

Polls Show:found a larger 56% of Americans oppose the Obama lawsuit, while 61% like the idea of their state passing a bill similar to Arizona's. In that Rasmussen Reports survey only 28% of voters agree with the administration's suit.

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Most Americans For Arizona's Immigration Law

Majority Oppose Federal Law Suit Against Arizona


Vdare: Anti Immigration Site in Financial Trouble Again

Major Financial Backer Drops Them! Too Radical For Sponsors?

Obermann: Continues to Lump Illegal and Legal Immigration Together?



 Darkside Of Illegal Immigration: 

Some Messy Statitistics on Illegals

 Thousands Protest Arizona Law

50,000 Protest in LA

Foes of Arizona's Law Using Scare Tactics

George Will in the Washington Post

Arizona Deputy Shot by Illegal Drug Smugglers

Deputy Shot with AK-47




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Latest Immigration Video

Michael Savage: Immigration Race War?

 Immigration Rally Washington D.C.


Policy Expert On Cost of Illegal Immigration



Reason TV: Let Them In!


La Raza Wants To Kill Whites?


Norway's Third World Immigration Policy 


The Cost Of Illegal Immigration by Lou Dobbs